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Turin Shroud

25 March 2012

At www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/9162459/Mystery-solved-Turin-Shroud-li… … is an interview by Peter Stanford of Thomas de Wesselow, a Cambridge academic who has been fascinated by the Turin Shroud since he was a boy. It begins with a brief history of the shroud, in modern times, and the debunking of it by a C14 date that was medieval. Wesselow was forced to give up his career as in academia the Shroud is seen as toxic. No one wants to open the can of worms. However, Wesselow claims he regarded the subject as an intellectual puzzle, and as an art historian he approached it from a different angle. Wessekiw describes himself as agnositic although C of E in his childhood and distinctly not anti-church – just not particularly interested in religion. However, he now finds himself in the position of being a believer in the authenticity of the Shroud and has written a book to that effect, The Sign.

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