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The arrival of modern humans in europe

24 May 2012

At www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/05/120524092226.htm … the Aurignacian culture people were living in SW Germany from as early as 43,000 years ago, it is now being argued. They are thought to be responsible for rock and cave art and various other innovations (but there is a certain amount of prejudice involved here and acceptance of paradigms others might not agree with). However, the new data appears to be consistent with the idea modern humans entered Europe via the Danube corridor and they did this prior to the cold Heinrich 4 event – a prolonged chilly period somewhat akin to the Younger Dryas event. Heinrich 4 is dated around 40,000 years ago an d the article is published in the Journal of Human Evolution (2012) DOI:10.1016/jijhevol.2012.03.003.

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