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Weather extremes, the new CAGW punch line

26 May 2012
Climate change

As global warming is stalled and is clearly not happening at the moment but instead the world is getting quite a bit of snow in winters – you know, the stuff our grandchildren would never see in their lifetimes. Quite unlike the last 30 years or so when it seemed the climate really was warming, a bit, there must be something causing the white stuff to drop out of the sky – it can't be low solar activity because the big orb in the sky doesn't really do anything, or so we are told (and co2 is what matters). Hence, we have weather weirding – and co2 is yes, the culprit. If it rains a lot, or if it snows, or if there is no rain, or no snow, lots of sunshine or no sunshine, just clouds and winds and gloom and doom, all this is weather weirding – and caused by rising levels of co2. Obviously, there is a lot at stake and fortunes to be made by the minority and the fact that weather isn't abiding by CAGW rules means the story has to be changed to fit the facts – and yes, there is snow, and yes, it is getting cooler (unlike the overheated models). Now, global warming falling out of the sky in great white lumps of ice (hail stones as big as a golf ball in Australia) are just the thing to get the mainstream media in a buzz. No looking at old copies of newspapers to compare what happened in bygone years – just fall in line with the meme as them that matter have spoken, and clicked their heels. Well, at http://notrickszone.com/2012/05/26/luning-austrian-study-showing-fewer-w… the Pierre Gosselin German blog (in English) has a post on a study by Reinhard Bohm of Austria's leading weather and climate agency. It is comprehensive and peer reviewed and it says there has been no increases in weather extremes in Austria – which has upset some CAGW people. The warming itself appears to have ground to a halt – or God is playing games. The Bible constantly warns us not to be self righteous and you can't get any more self righteous than folk on a moral crusade – which is part of what CAGW is about. You can of course go to Steve Goddard's blog at http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com where he regularly pokes fun at CAGW predictions by publishing old newspaper clippings of weird weather events – in the past. The German language site Die Kalte Sonne is also carrying the story and Anthony Watts has been debunking some of this stuff for the last year or so.  

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