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David Pratt

13 June 2012

A post at www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2012/06/08/serious-issues-with-plate-tectonics/ harks back to David Pratt who outlined some of the problems he thought affected the theory of Plate Tectonics and sea-floor spreading, in Journal of Scientific Exploration 14:3 (2000). A list of 8 objections by Pratt are listed by Stephen Smith who adds, Plate Tectonics does not embrace the Electric Universe. He suggests massive geological changes have taken place within the time of humans – which is a bit of a stretch. The proof of such is not as yet forthcoming – and is wishful thinking. Geological changes probably did occur in the age of humans – as landscape changes occur in folklore and legend. That does not imply massive geological events can be somehow transported from the remote past into the last few thousand years – and why does anyone want to drastically downdate geology?

However, on a more positive note, |Thunderbolts now have You Tube videos of the last EU conference – go to www.thunderbolts.info/wp/mm/electric-universe-2012-conference-video-exce… and there is also another conference in July – see www.worldnpa.org/site/event/?eventid=508

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