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Weather stations and temperature

12 July 2012
Climate change

At http://wattsupwiththat.com/2012/07/12/important-new-paper-on-the-nocturn… … this is the subject that put Anthony Watts on the blogging map, the weather station data and urbanisation (the urban heat island effect and so on). He quaotes Roger Pielke Junior who has his own blog, on a new paper in the Journal of Geophysics Research doi:10.1021D017578 (there is also a direct link to the paper provided by Anthony, one click away). Air near the ground is affected by sensitive night time dynamics which show up in station data (GHCN) but are missing or absent from all the climate models. Watts 'surface station' project showed that 90 per cent of the collected station data in the US is compromised by urbanisation … etc.

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