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CFCs and Global Warming … it’s fridge gases not co2 gas

8 October 2012
Climate change

This is one of those papers where you don't know whether to take it seriously or tongue in cheek. At http://wattsupwiththat.com/2012/10/08/a-paper-unifying-cosmic-ray-intera… … there is a good read, mainly based on the news release and abstract, followed by a flurry of comments, themselves having the odd link to other papers which are likewise of interest. Basically, the paper appears to claim CFCs, the now outlawed fridge gases, caused global warming – and presumably because warming has been muted in recent years this might have something to do with the ban imposed on such fridge gases several years ago. As one commenter says, the theory sinks when you add in the fact there were warmin g before 1960 without the benefit of CFCs in the atmosphere. Lots of stuff on the ozone hole in additionaly papers as suggested by some commenters, and cosmic rays – see for instance http://i48.tinypic.cm/4na4n.png (no apparent link to the said paper) 'solar frequency and Antarctic Ice' etc which is about magnetic pole movements, as has been happening of recent times, and Antarctic Ice changes, as well as a Russian paper 'Variations of the the ice on Antarctica and the instability of the Earth's rotation' in Russian Meteorology and Hydrology 8 pages 1-8. See also cosmic rays and the Earth's ozone layer, June 2012, University of Calgary.

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