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Sun and the Weather

7 January 2013

In Sun, Weather and the Climate, John Herman and Richard Goldberg, the two authors, explore meteorological variations related to solar activity and the physical linking mechanisms that may explain the relationships. Several new mechanisms are brought to the table, as well as experimental concepts. The authors reasoning is that in spite of a large literature on the subject there remains widespread disbelief, especially amongst climate scientists. The expression of disbelief is caused, in part, by a lack of a plausible physical mechanism to explain what are often very mild fluctuations in solar energy output. How can they drive a much more energetic meteorological process – directly affecting our weather. The authors claim to have adopted a multi-disciplinary approach – solar physics, magnetosphere physics, atmospherics physics and chemistry, atmospheric electricity, cosmic rays, geomagnetism, as well as meteorology itself. The book is available as John R Herman (2004), 'The Metamorphosis of a Geophysicist: An Autobiography', Publish America Inc. (ISBN 9781413713275) (released in paperback in 2005)

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