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Robert Schoch

31 January 2013

Fresh from his stint at last year's Electic Universe conference Robert Schoch has a fascinating article in the current issue of Current World Archaeology 57 (see www.world-archaeology.com) and signing off the article we learn he is also the author of a book, Forgotten Civilisations: the Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future … which sounds a spot on the speculative side – but no doubt is interesting in spite of that. In the article above the subject matter is more down to earth, and archaeological, with some of the more interesting questions left unsaid. It concerns Mount Nemrat in SE Turkey (or Anatolia) which is 6900 feet high but amazingly, on the summit area, there is a huge man made mound that is 160 feet long and 500 feet in diameter. At the foot of the mound, to the east and the west, are the remains of gigantic limestone statues of important people together with the heads of eagles and lions, that once stood between 20 and 30 feet high. The hats on their heads vary in type, style, and size. Last year archaeologists using ground penetrating radar discovered a large pyramidal shaped chamber – and inside thise a box like object resembling a sarcophagus. Two other chambers have been spotted but for now, there has been no actual digging at the site as permits to do so have not been granted. It is thought this was the tomb of Antiochus I who claimed descent on one side from Alexander the Great, and on the other from Darius the Persian. He also regarded himself as divine. In reality he was the ruler of a buffer state, the Commagene, set between the Roman and Parthian empires.

PS I've also noticed R Schoch has several entries in the index of Trevor Palmer's Perilous Planet Earth – which is an overview of catastrophism, discussing what other people wrote and hypothesized rather than a book promulgating catastrophism or catastrophic events. It is in fact the ideal primer for somebody new to the subject.

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