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Chelyabinsk Meteor

23 March 2013

Already up in Wiki … didn't take long. 13 pages on the February 15th Russian meteor, with lots of mainstream information – see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_Russian_meteor_event. The shockwave damaged around 100,000 properties in Chelyabinsk (home owners, schools, medical facilities, factories and sport facilities). These were mainly broken windows, damage to peripheries such as balconies, porches and flimsy roofing etc. It repeats the mantra, as issued by NASA and European science establishments, that it was impossible for fragments in orbits similar to that of the large space rock that passed by the same day, to enter the atmosphere at a latitude as high as 55 degrees north. They have significantly different trajectories. However, this doesn't take into account a report from New Zealand of the meteor being visible way down south.

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