The cold March in perspective

4 April 2013
Climate change

Getting a handle on how cold it has been this March means looking back down through the Central England Temperature record, the oldest in the world but still only a couple of hundred years in extent. See … lovely name for a blog and it's a cracker too. It seems March was not particularly unusual in the grand scheme of things as 1962, from a UK perspective, was just as bad – and the cold and the snow lay on the ground much longer. As for central England a couple of years in the 1880s were as cold and colder. See also the view of a Californian on March in the UK at … and a Russian view at… … which is a reference to a return to Little Ice Age climate conditions (he has been saying this for a couple of years as also Piers Corbyn at Bit early to predict, and sounds a bit too like the doomsayers, but the other way round.

Now for some some really interesting videos – by Freeman Dyson. Go to (for starters) then gravitate to and and enjoy, from the wet Sahara to soil and global warming.






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