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Molecular Clouds and the presence of DNA

5 May 2013

Interesting post at www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2013/05/milky-ways-vast-molecular-clouds-w… … the Spitzer Space Telscope and NASAs GLIMPSE Mission (a ten year survey) has scanned a deep panarama of our galaxy in mid infrared, enabling it to penetrate molecular clouds where some of the Milky Way's 400 billion stars are still forming.

Meanwhile, scientists of the National Science Foundation's 'Green Bank Telescope' in Virginia have been studying one giant cloud in particular and they say they hae discovered a key component of DNA that may have played a role in the formation of amino acide adamine. Astrochemists previously found DNA molecules, the building blocks of life, and the idea that space could have seeded life on Earth gained traction.

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