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Day of Rest

26 May 2013
Climate change

I was going to have a weekend of rest from  posting to catch up on a few jobs and socialising but here we are, 10.00pm or so and I must relay this link – Doug Keenan, somebody we appreciate here at SIS because of his work on C14 dating anomalies, has also an interest in statistical models as used in climate science. Lord Donoghue has tabled six questions in the House of Lords and been fobbed off by the relevant minister – who simply responded with the Met Office take. Douglas Keenan became involved and on the seventh tabling of the same question an answer was obtained – global warming is insignificant between 1850 and the present, which is something to shout about I suppose as 1850 was much closer to the Little Ice Age than the warm spells in the 20th century they are so fond of using in their model projections of future co2 induced warming. Meanwhile, nature is not playing ball – we are on the verge of flaming June but there was a cold chill on the allottment and I was forced to use lots of fleece to protect newly planted vegetables such as beans and sweet corn. Daren't plant out squash or tomatoes – wouldn't last a day. When is summer a cummin'. See http://bishop-hill.net/blog/2013/5/27/met-office-admits-claims-of-signif…

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