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30 May 2013
Climate change

At http://phys.org/print289030328.html … in the International Journal of Low Radiation, Russian researchers say the seriousness of the Chernobyl nuclear accident has been highly exaggerated by vested interests (presumably a reference to environmentalists in the West). Once again, we see that 'non-western' science is in many ways superior to the kind of diet we are being fed in Europe and N America. Thirty five years after Chernobyl and this exaggerated response is still potent in the West in spite of lots of evidence contrary to the doomsaying. Russian scientists are somewhat perplexed – why is the evidence they have amassed been ignored? They are unlikely to get any sympathy in the West – the dye is cast and the windmills are king of the castle.

Dan Snow was on television the other night with a programme about the blooming of the railways (and has continued over several days), and all the dosh that was generated and squandered. It all comes to grief in the end with heavy losses for some – and investors fingers were burnt as the bubble grew too big for itself. It was remarkably reminiscent of the rush for windmills and solar panels in the modern world – huge investments that you just know are going to end in heartache as a result of diminishing returns, the activity of scoundrels and honest men alike.

PS … Dan Snow has written several interesting books and no doubt his history of the railways in Britain and the World will be coming out shortly. His previous series involved castles – an excellent piece of history.

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