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Huge Cosmic Uniformity

6 June 2013

This story has been circulating on the web for a week or so – and here we have a belated link , go to www.world-science.net/othernews/130111_LQG

There is a 'large qasar group' – a clump of bright galaxies so large it upsets the consensus view that the universe is uniform on large scales. It is apparently not so. Astronomers have noticed a tendency for qasars to seem to group together. The newly found clump is 1600 times wider than the distance between the Milky Way and the neighbouring Andromeda galaxy and such a size, it is claimed, or was claimed, rather, is contrary and violates the 'cosmological principle' – which appears to mean it is unprincipalled. Calculations based on the modern thoery of cosmology, drawing on Albert Einstein (he is always being roped in), suggest anything larger than 1.2 billion light years across would violate (that awful word again) the so called principle (above). The new clump of qasars is up to 3 times larger than thought possible – but now it is possible.

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