Black Widow

9 June 2013

At… …. a pulsar appears to be travelling through the galaxy at a speed of almost a million km an hour. A bow shock wave is visible in optical telescopes, seen as a greenish crescent shape. The pressure behind the first bow wave creates a second shock wave that seems to sweep high energy particles to form a sort of cocoon, an elongated cloud of high energy flowing behind the rapidly rotating pulsar.

The black widow is one of a several extremely rapid rotating neutron stars known as millisecond pulsars, and represent something of a puzzle to conventional cosmology.

Meanwhile, at appears to contradict the idea of red shift having a connection with an expanding universe. See also … where one commenter breaks down the article by saying Santilli claims light is red shifted by the earth's atmosphere, confirmed in an experiment where laser light was red shifted in a pressurised atmosphere proportionately.

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