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Sea of Galilee structure – update

11 June 2013

At www.aftau.org/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=18649 … it is a conical structure 230 feet in diameter and 39 feet high. It seems to have been built on dry land approximately 6000 years ago – and was later submerged. It resembles, in some ways, the megalithic tombs of Europe and possibly had a connection with the nearby city of Beit Yerah which might date it to the Early Bronze Age (although 6000 years ago is in the Chalcolithic period and more in line with dates for early megalithic structures in the west. However, the dating is not exact, a calculated guess by a knowledgeable archaeologist. It is partly based on the rate of sand accummulation at the foot of the structure, some 6 to 10 feet in depth. The researchers are not satisfied however and intend to look at seismic movements in the region, sedimentation processes, and changing water levels.

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