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More on Expanding Earth Theories – now we are here

15 June 2013

The David Pratt article at www.ncgt.org ended in a bit of a drizzly fizzle as part of the Expanding Earth hypothesis includes polar wander – and he thought it was possible for scientists to track former pole positions. He claimed these began in Africa but gradually tracked southwards as the earth expanded. In other words, the Expanding Earth model is  uniformitarian in concept, and simply a variation, of sorts, of the Plate Tectonics model of consensus academic geology.

At www.dinox.org/expandingearth.html … when the dinosaurs first evolved none of today's ocean floor existed. It is all less than 200,000 years old. This is either because the Earth has expanded at ocean ridges, creating the sea floor in the process (the Expanding hypothesis) or because the old sea floor has disappeared – due to subduction (Plate Tectonic s). Interesting dilemma.

The big problem is what could possibly cause the Earth to increase in size. Various theories on how this might have happened have been aired – none of them appear compelling to the rivals. In addition, if the Earth was smaller why were dinosaurs so big? He suggests dinosaurs lived during a period of reduced gravity – trapped in the consensus models of other disciplines. Okay, that's a long time ago – why were mammals so big during the last Ice Age? – not so very long ago.

Over at www.jamesmaxlow.com/main/index.php … he explains his conversion to the Expansion Tectonics model, as he calls it. In the 1950s, using magnetometers, scientists began recognising odd magnetic patterns across the sea floor of the Atlantic. These patterns turned out not to be random but were a recognisable zebra stripe like formation – and out of this developed the idea of sea floor spreading. This is central to Plate Tectonics and to the Expanding Earth alternative idea. He then provides some nice images of maps of the stripes which are well worth browsing – and claims to date them to geological periods (presumably on the consensus dating model). What is clear is that the further we go back in time the narrower the Atlantic Ocean is – but does the theory explain why the Arctic region had crocodiles during the dinosaur age? Maxlow claims the difference between the Plate Tectonics and Expanding models boils down to whether or not the radius of the Earth has remained at its current level. The subduction process is essential to Plate Tectonics – in order to maintain the constant girth of the Earth.

At www.worldnpa.org/site/2013/-1/is-the-earth-expanding-and-even-growing/ … is a post by David de Hilster who explains how hw came across the Expanding Earth hypothesis. It is purported to show where all the water on earth came from, why dinosaurs were big, why we find oil everywhere, and even why most of the land mass is in the northern hemisphere. What causes the expansion – and is it still growing? How can subduction exist at the same time as expansion? He claims the expansion is occurring at a greater rate in the southern hemisphere than in the northern half of the globe. See also http://expansion.geologist-1011.net … for a more sober and detached look at the various models.

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