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Han Kloosterman seeks a palaeobotanist and a palynologist

8 August 2013

Han Kloosterman, who has been researching what he calls the Ussello Horizon for too many years to count, has a problem. The Ussello Horizon is a European geological layer separating the Alleroid warm period from the cooler Younger Dyras event, and he has worked tirelessly on this, even looking for UK examples of the thin black layer of organic material (corresponding, it is thought, with the Black Mat deposits in N America). Han Kloosterman spoke at one of the recent SIS meetings, and was the editor of Catastrophist Geology (some years ago now) and is now advancing in years – but still digging around in the hope of getting his ideas out there for others to explore. At http://cosmictusk.com/ussello_horizon_kloostermann_younger_dryas_boundar… … George Howard asks if there are any palaeobotanists or palynologists out there prepared to lend a hand and help Han find out what plants and vegetation is in the black organic remains – which shows evidence of burning.

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