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Tony Haynes on energy in the body

19 August 2013

Tony Haynes, in an email, and continuing his research into alternative energy such as plasma and cold fusion, has found another twist in the story, the use of tungsten nano-particles with an added catalyst of platinum to separate hydrogen, presumably from water, with no energy input apart from ultra violet light.

In Stanley Meyer's water fracturing process a high voltage filed is used across electrocdes in water in order to split H20 molecules into separate oxygen and hydrogen ions without putting much energy in – some ten times less than Faraday's laws of electrolysis would have required. The extra energy involved was assumed to be from Xero Point energy which is the same energy source which is also believed to provide living cells with the majority of their energy input. The human body has been calculated to gain twice as much energy from other sources than from the food we consume. Some of this is from light but the majority is put down to Zero Point energy. Living celss and organisms built up from them always adapt themselves over millions of years to be as energy efficient as possible, so if there is an unknown source of power in the universe it would be very surprising if our bodies were not using it.

NES Technology indicated that all our skin cellls are a rectangular cell structure with one face oriented outside the body and they reckon that their purpose is to collect energy from the 'universal field' and convert it to be used by all the other cells in the body. The fact that only one third of our energy comes from our food explains why humans can run at 34 degrees C, he ends – and provides a link to www.geneticarchaeology.com (July 2013)

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