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Amusing tales of Stern thrashing and water in the boots of Nat Geo and generally a spot of double speak

21 August 2013
Climate change

At http://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/fred-banks-remembering-the-ste… … is actually more to do with a new book by Ferdinand Banks, 'Energy and Economic Theory' (2013) World Scientific: London, New York and Singapore, but bearing in mind this is written by an economics professor it is very revealing. One has to wonder where Tony Blair, or one his cohorts dredged up the man, no doubt commissioned to write a review to an already accepted agenda. No wonder there are so many sceptics out there.

Over at http://notrickszone.com/2013/08/22/national-geographic-scores-own-goal-p… … which says more about the Nat Geo than it does about sea level rise (but you wouldn't think all this stuff was dribbling out because the IPCC Report is due to be published, or would you?

At www.wattsupwiththat.com/2013/08/21/stalking-the-rogue-hotspot/ … an amusing piece on the master spokesman for the missing hotspot, the intrepid Dr Trenberth. He is now telling his devotees the 'hotspot' is out there but is moving around. Wherever there is a piece of hot summer weather that is where the hotspot is hiding – but it keeps moving (so keep your eye on the ball). Willis Eschenbach presents it in an amusing manner but there is flint beneath the lint, and does this kind of thing indicate the warmists are getting desperate, and so on.

Willis Eschenbach is also the author of another piece – at http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/08/21/double-the-burn-rate-scotty/ … which is also tongue in cheek and laughs at double speak. Willis is a bit direct sometimes so not everybody's cup of tea – and not mine sometimes. Its the double speak he dredges up that I find fascinating, although in this post he leaves out some important detail (such as infrastructure) but basically he is saying that poor people everywhere require one thing above all – affordable energy. Poor people drop lots of babies (so the commenters seem to think) but well off people in a consumer society choose 'things' before the 'squealing things' that run about and make a lot of noise. In other words, if everybody had a decent standard of living the population would level out and eventually fall. The population of the world is rising because there are a lot of poor people – but what they need to climb out of the morass of poverty is energy. It is the key to the good life. Its what we have in the West – or what we have at the moment. The Greens are intent on reducing our energy supply and are fully intent on creating black-outs and other unnecessary problems (or that is the accusation). In other words he is referencing the anti-fracking movement, the anti pipelin movement in the US, and EPA and DEFRA excesses – CAGW dogma in general. In other words by making energy expensive the plebs will suffer but the great and the good and your well to do CAGW buffs will not even sneeze – they are troughing so much money it doesn't matter much to them. By depriving the Third World of cheap energy, from coal, gas, oil, nuclear, even thorium, they are consigning the poor people of the world to continued poverty – when using just a fraction of the money being wasted on CAGW propaganda could be spent much more wisely. What are these people frightened of – being overrun by plebs and backward cultures? The moral majority it seems have chosen a very immoral course of action, and that is the doublespeak at the heart of this story.

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