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The heat and the cold

26 August 2013
Climate change

The UK heatwave dissipated a few weeks ago but for a while Alasaka and the Canadian Arctic enjoyed some lovely summer weather, reaching 29C (84F)./ Central Europe, after a cold and snowy winter, are continuing to enjoy a heatwave well into Augst (but it is summer I suppose, some 40C in Austria and Slovenia, or 104F in old fashioned coinage. Even northern East Asia has felt the blast of a heatwave, Japan has had temperatures of 41C (106F) which is nothing to sniff about, and South Korea 32C (102F), and records are being broken all the time. Even NE Siberia has become hot and landscape fires have broken out, and funny thing, it is winter in Australia and they too are basking in a warm glow (as is Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina). All this is music to the ears of the BBC and the Guardian, and all CAGW organs (and mouth organs). Not much mention of Arctic sea ice for some reason. The BBC even had to show a view of last year's water at the Arctic in a recent story – anything but acknowledge the ice is not disappearing. 

Meanwhile, sand is being presented as a hazard to human health -see www.bishop-hill.net/blog/2013/8/27/the-widening-war-onsand.html

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