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Dark Matter and Lunar Tides

13 September 2013

At www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2013/09/dwarf-galaxies-found-to-harbor-100… … and the title of the post says it all. Modelling of telescope observations, which sounds like a paradox, was used to determine that in some galaxies dark matter decreased from centre outwards but in others it was more or less constant.

At http://malagabay.wordpress.com/ Tim Cullen has several posts on lunar tides and he concludes that lunar standstill plays a role. The tidal range peaks when the Moon is at its northern maximum and at its southern maximum. The lows in the tidal range occur when the Moon is overhead. Intriguingly, the northern tidal range maxima are greater than the southern tidal range maxima. Therefore, he says, it is probably that the ambient force controlling tides is electromagnetic (and lists the reasons why).

Have we one of the reasons why our ancestors were so interested in the the extremes of the orbit of the Moon, the northern and southern maxima. What kind of geomagnetic phenomena was going on? – and what relationship did it have with the controversial evidence of earthquake storms at the same moments in time (Claude Schaeffer, Amos Nur).

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