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Modern Humans in Lebanon

14 September 2013

Not the very modern humans but those that were around 40,000 years ago – see www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/09/130913093314.htm

A rock shelter in Lebanon has produced human fossil bones in archaeological layers that have been dated around 40,000 years ago. Marine shell beads nearby have been C14 dated and are said to have a similar date. This is roughly the same date as early modern humans in Europe – see PLOS One (article can be downloaded free at the link – in full). Early humans form Romania., Kents Cavern near Torquay in Devon, and southern Italy, all cluster at the saem general time as the Lebanon example. Does this imply there was a migration Out of Africa at this time, moving into Europe via the Near East, the favoured interpretation – or does it imply that early modern humans evolved at the same time in both places, from earlier humans. What would cause that to happen?

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