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The Electric Sun

14 September 2013

SIS member Robert Farrar has sent in an interesting review of Donald Scott's 'The Electric Sun' – which is worth chewing over. Go to http://www.answersingenesis.org/article/arj/v6/n1/plasma-astronomy … which begins by telling us many creationists have been attracted to plasma astronomy, and after a while it becomes obvious the author is sceptical. He makes a series of specific criticisms of Don Scott's book which is worth reading – if only to get a flavour of what it is the opponents dislike. It is a little strange to see a Creationist web site on the side of mainstream – and I dare say mainstream are equally puzzled as to why this has occurred. This resistance to the Electric Universe model is much more antagonistic at orthodox science web sites. May be a bit of tidying up will not go amiss. However, we are into agendas here as we know Fred Hoyle was an atheist and he was a supporter of the Steady State Theory of the Universe hypothesis – and somehow Eric Lerner's 'The Big Bang Never Happened' (1991) brought plasma physics to the fore with the implication it was anti-Creationist. The author appears to be against plasma physics because Fred Hoyle was an atheist – but how does he get on with Richard Dawkins? Come to that how does he get on with the Big Bangers (not the sausages) as they are equally as atheistic as Fred Hoyle – who was really a bit of a pussy cat. I found all this very surprising as one of the things you notice when reading through the Thunderbolts forum is that there are a lot of Young Earthers involved in EU. The author doesn't appear to like this, but equally, antagonists from the mainstream use it as a rod to beat the plasma people with – so where is it all at. Obviously, plasma physics cocks a snook at uniformitarianism – but does that necessarily imply it is anti-evolution. Perhaps the author has cottoned on all is not as pleasant for Creationists when adopting this new model of explanation of the solar system and the universe.

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