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Sea Level Change … in the consensus opinion

22 September 2013
Climate change

One of the abiding images of the early CAGW doomsaying was the chilling prospect of rapidly rising sea levels. Al Gore made a mint out of that film, with drowned cities and icebergs in places far from the Arctic. CAGW appears to be a money machine for some people – that preach to those that can't get at the trough, or are kicked aside in the rush. Green economics seems to be about making some people rich at the expense of the rest rather than a true moral crusade – not that such a thing would be any more appealing.

I can remember this guy reassuring his son – 'we're okay where we are, we live in the Chiltern Hills. The water won't get this far'. Did he think all those people in London were going to stay put as the waters rose up. Everybody would have headed for the hills if the doomsaying was right – and his big mansion with its huge cast iron gates would not have stopped them camping out on his lawn. The surprising thing which struck me at the time was this guy was a high power executive for PC World – and he fell for the propaganda. He was holding a map of London which had water (blue colour) oozing out of the Thames and drowning the tubes, and all of the city below a certain level. London is built on a series of geological terraces, getting steeper the further out in the suburbs. Someone had clearly coloured in everything below a certain height. I don't suppose he really fell for it and was just reassuring his son, what if? He had a grin on his face come to think of it – so even then people had not swallowed it whole. Nowadays, most people just ignore the subject – but the media continue to churn out dire doomsayings, which are reaching a crescendo as we are on the verge of the next IPCC propaganda effort.

It never happened – and it ain't going to happen. That is now pretty obvious. The CAGW climate scientists have tried all manner of ways to fiddle with the sea level data – to no avail. They even claim satellites are capable of measuring real actual sea level rise by the millimetre. What about the swells, waves, and distance. A millimetre is just a millimetre – and its a long way away from a foot, and even longer from several feet. What a whopper.

In addition, areas of measurement are down to 'pick and choose' methodology. They ignore those parts of the world where there are no local factors that are causing it to appear like the sea is rising, and home in on those areas where there are local factors (which sounds a bit like the way they pick and choose which trees in a forest to take tree rings samples from) – see http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/09/20/sea-level-rise-climate-change-and-… and http://suyts.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/vindication-for-suyts-new-tidal-ga…

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