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A Model Crisis in the Off

5 November 2013
Climate change

A crisis in the climate models, the computer generated graphs that extrapolate warmth ever higher even though it only happened over a few short years in the 1990s. Some of the models don't even take into account the smaller and smaller rises in global temperature in the early 2000s and none of them take in the flat lining – and now it is beginning to fall. Oh dear.

At http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/11/04/lets-face-it-the-climate-has-never… … Robert G Brown of the Physics Department of Duke University describes what might happen if the models continue to climb and real global temperatures do not. At what point do politicos take more notice of people living in poverty in the Third World than they currently do of rich kids in developed countries telling them we are heading for a catastrophe because burning coal in a power station is evil?

It's a chicken and egg situation. If politicos were themselves willing to explore the facts they would realise that most ordinary people think the models are a joke – and would earn them more votes at the ballot box. However, the Green lobby has so many tentacles in high places, even sitting on EU commitees. With the ear of politicos (but mocked by the rest of us) the Green lobby has access to huge funds of money to spread their propaganda, relentlessly and constantly. The BBC has never before enjoyed such low esteem amongst the general public – and this is largely due to its continuous and constant propaganda on CAGW (and all things Green). The Green lobby is supported by the oil companies (making a buck from carbon credits) and from hedge funds and the financial and investment industry. The monies such NGOs receive from bogus charities set up to syphon all the money sloshing around is eye watering – yet they are still losing the battle to convince the ordinary folk out there. Lets face facts – how can a geek sitting in front of a computer impart knowledge to people that are working and playing outside and experiencing the weather first hand? The models are not up to scratch. This is the point Robert G Brown makes. What happens when those models become way too high in comparison with reality? This is going to happen in the not too distant future – even if an extraordinary El Nino event occurs to hoist global temperatures a fraction of a percentage point. What are the climate scientists hoping for ?

What might happen is that some of the scientists, those with the most outlandish of the models, will be thrown to the wolves (given a slap on the wrist together with a fat pension in the style of BBC and NHS payoffs). It won't satisfy the general public – but it never does.

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