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solar activity and global warming

10 November 2013
Climate change

At http://phys.org/print303060859.html … we have a paper published in Environmental Research Letters by two British professors that profess in all sincerity that neither changes in the activity of the Sun nor its impact in blocking cosmic rays (the production of clouds) 'can be' 'significant' contributors to global warming. In fact, their research claims solar activity has caused no more that 10 per cent of the global warming that occurred in the late 20th century.

This is the kind of paper that might come back one day and haunt them. On second thoughts, the establishment look after their own so they'll probably get a gong.

In contrast, see also www.euanmearns.com/the-link-between-sunshine-and-temperature-based-on-uk… … which arrives at a completely different outcome (over the same basic time period) – the Sun is largely to blame for temperature changes. The difference between the two views is that the first one is a spoiler – deliberately aimed at undermining the work of Henrik Svensmark (and happily shouting for the in-crowd at climate science HQ) while the second one is quite different and represents one man's life work – in great detail. It involves an awful lot of work as opposed to the first one that has all the hallmarks of being hastily scrambled together with a preconceived outcome – purposely ignoring any evidence to the contrary.

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