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Methane, methanogens, and ice cores (again).

25 November 2013

At http://malagabay.wordpress.com/2013/11/22/methane-myopia-7-miles-mathis/ … we have a link to somebody also criticising mainstream's treatment of methane – go to http://milesmathis.com/meth.pdf

Tim Cullen notes that within ice cores the methanogens have a plentiful supply of water from which they could liberate hydrogen. This suggests methanogens (in ice cores) reduces co2 levels while increasing the levels of CH4 and O2 which suggests the 'settled science' of extracting climate data and atmospheric gas levels from ice cores is basically, poppycock.

Within the deep biosphere methanogens may well metabolise water to liberate free hydrogen atoms – which might itself be overshadowed if there was a lot of hydrogen outgassing from within the Earth. The then does a bit of speculation on lightning in volcanoes, like, where does the lightning come from. Is it the result of free electrons in the material expelled by volcanoes (out of the bowels of the Earth)?

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