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Blue Light

3 December 2013

At http://malagabay.wordpress.com/2013/12/02/cosmic-ray-blues-hadronic-shower/ …. Tim Cullen is surpassing himself this week as he sifts through a variety of sources on cosmic rays and hadronic showers, a process somewhat more complex than electromagnetic showers although both involve ionisation as they enter the atmosphere. Hadronic showers take longer to develop than electromagnetic showers – and they are also associated with Cherenkov Light, which is an intense shade of blue.

Cherenkov radiation is blue in the visible spectrum as it develops in the ultra violet field of vision. Each flash of Cherenkov light lasts but a couple of nano seconds – but is followed by flashes as secondary particles react (a particle shower). Each flash is associated with spallation – a naturally occuring nuclear fission and nucleosynthesis.

Each flash of Cherenkov light is associated with the creation of a cosmogenic isotope such as carbon 14, phosphorous 32, and tritium. These are radioisotopes. Each flash of Cherenkov light is associated with the creation of ionising radiation – so mainstream science is fully aware that energy is being transformed in the interstellar medium and in Earth's atmosphere. It is actually used to measure the extragalactic background light – as the heat radiation left over after Big Bang (the cosmic microwave background) at radio wavelengths.

All extremely clever stuff – but is the cleverness of mainstream as adroit as the consensus theory would allow (in this instance, the Big Bang)? All I've done is pick out the odd sentence from Tim Cullen's probing investigation, added some words of my own to add a touch of humour, but I'm afraid you will need to read the post yourself to understand where he is coming from. This is not the kind of stuff you will learn in popular science outlets – or on TV.

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