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The Expanding Earth

9 December 2013

It is worth having another look at the Expanding Earth theory as it has a lot of things going for it in contrast to Plate Tectonics – and Tim Cullen has a roll of posts on the subject. See for example http://malagabay.wordpress.com/2013/05/28/the-inflating-earth/ … which is a good overview with a lot of  following comments and describes to some extent how Tim Cullen was attracted to the idea – which has been around since Sir Francis Bacon in Shakespearian times, 1561-1628. David Pratt described some problems with current expanding earth theories – and mainstream Plate Tectonics jiggery pokery.

Malaga Bay says that expanding earth scenarios are somewhat superficial in many ways as they concentrate on exploring the surface of the Earth rather than what was going on inside the Earth. A record of outgassing events is essential, he says, and explains that there have been two big waves of oxygen outgassing in the past – and these are associated with heightened levels of biodiversity. Sea floors start spreading 180 million years ago – odygen and hydrogen (mainly in the form of water, H2O (see also www.jamesmaxlow.com/main/

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