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Are white dwarfs really just luminous planets and moons

11 December 2013

another humdinger from the stable of Tim Cullen – a logical follow on from his last piece on the luminous nature of the Moon. What are astronomers really peering at when looking into space and the wonderland of the universe? Have they been describing white dwarfs as dead and defunct stars rather than seeing them as objects orbiting around a Sun. Is Sirius B a planet in orbit with Sirius A – is this why it is almost invisible. Might this put paid entirely to Robert Temple's The Sirius Mystery, and indicate his Dogon tribe were looking at something quite different in the sky, a very large comet perhaps.

Go to http://malagabay.wordpress.com/2013/12/11/cosmic-ray-blues-seeing-scinti… … for the full works. Too much to describe in a small news post. Definitely one to read.

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