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The Expanding Universe theory … without a squib to set it off

11 December 2013

You have heard of the expanding earth theory – which gives Plate Tectonics a run for its money. Now we have the expanding universe theory – see http://phys.org/print305887548.html. It's all down to heat. It also doesn't require a squib – or Big Bang.

Steven Hawking and Don Page calculated that empty space can turn into a black hole at a specific temperature – proving you can do anything with a bit of mathematics. Now, an international team of young hopefuls have got together and made a series of mathematical equations, connecting quantum field theory with Einstein's theory of relativity, and hey presto! They find that at a critical temperature empty space could give brith to an expanding universe with mass. However, for this to happen the universe (or the empty space preceding the universe) has to rotate – not greatly rotate, but rotate in a smallish way – but rotate never the less.

Are you still following the logic – if not go the link. Bear in mind they say they are not trying to replace Big Bang theory.

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