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Comical modelling, Greenie foodies

23 January 2014
Climate change

At www.bishop-hill.net/blog/2014/1/21/the-empty-set.html … in the last few weeks one warmist paper used the models to prove its going to get a lot wetter during the rest of the 21st century – and we all need some new gum boots, while another paper published near enough the same models but is telling us its going to get hotter than expected.

Meanwhile, at www.swans.com/library/art19/barker134.html … the comical organic food situation is explored. Much loved by Greens and the well heeled, the subject is given a good going over by Michael Barker. Make what you will but you won't feel as guilty eating a hamburger after reading this politicisation of food which is very similar to the politicisation of climate. I suppose the same kind of people are involved.

I don't know how successful such propaganda is after paying out shovel loads of money to get their opinions across as most people see the word 'organic' or 'free trade' on the shop shelf and a light bulb goes off inside their heads – 'rip off rip off, loads of dosh, taken them for a ride …' and such like. This seems to show such campaigns can never convert all the people at any time, and like immune systems, some people are completely resistance to disease (in the body as well as the head).

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