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Climate change what just does things

16 February 2014
Climate change

In the UK we have had sink holes swallowing a car parked outside a house in a former brick works (and clay pit) and another sink hole opening up in Hemel Hempstead this weekend – and this follows on from a sink hole appearing on the central reservation of a motorway. However, over in Kentucky (Nashville), and proving they can't all sing and twang a guitar over that way, a museum display of collectors cars was swallowed up in a single bite – see www.euronews.com/2014/02/13/watch-sinkhole-gobbles-up-8-vintage-corvette…

The excessive rain over here and the very cold weather over the pond have exercised the PR propaganda skills of the CAGW enthusiasts, from political spokesmen to the lady at the Met. The fanaticals have been hot and bothered and a judge has given oxygen to the anti-frackers that have been blocking a road in a suburb of Manchester. This morning the shadow Climate Change Secretary has just been broadcasting her ignorance for all the world to see, singing to the BBC song sheet. Apparently, we need to spend lots more  money on climate change to stop the rain falling out of the heavens – and I can hear the sound of grubby hands being rubbed together enthusiastically. Attagirl – we thought we were nearing the end of the gravy train but now, new funds for the pot equals more loot to filch.

At www.bishop-hill.net/blog/2014/2/15/mini-paradox-major-paradox.html … we have news of an interesting theory that turns the Greenhouse Gas warming theory on its head. Will anyone take any notice – you can bet your life they won't. Troughing is too ingrained in our system now and the troughers have the microphone.

At https://sites.google.com/site/mytranscriptbox/home/20140214_nb … we have what its all about, the hard core if you like, the underbelly of society is feeding on CAGW and getting more gross every day. Here we have a transcript of an interview with the leader of the UK Green Party. She says that every senior government advisor, even if they are medical or veterinary advisors, should be given the heave ho if they do not adher to the CAGW lie. Not only that, MPs, such as the big fat one that is pickled, should also be banned from public office if they are not of the true faith. No comment is necessary – just have a quick read through.

At http://chiefio.wordpress.com/2014/02/09/co2-makes-the-ocean-more-alkaline/ … you will have to look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alkalinity … before it is taken down by one of those wiki CAGW patrol types. Chiefio has found a peach. It seems that co2 in the atmosphere causes alkalinity but oddly more co2 added to a solution (such as an ocean) will leave the alkalinity unchanged. In common use the word alkaline is used to mean the opposite of acidic. When used of the oceans this is not quite so clear cut. What the Wiki means is that the oceans are basic (or alkaline) and adding more co2 does not increase acidity or make it less alkaline. The CAGW alarmist shout, shrieking from the roof tops on ocean acidification, is another one down the pan. That won't matter of course. No matter how many times the truth is pointed out they will still carry on about ocean acidification. They've been doing this with ozone and CFCs for years – and just keep repeating it as if they have cotton wool in their ears.

At http://chiefio.wordpress.com/2014/02/10/nordic-bronze-age-warm-period/ … another Wiki page that may do a disappearing act is at the base of this posting by EM Smith. Funny how this has not attracted the attention of the CAGW thought police on their daily tours – perhaps they have been gloating over all that rain and cold weather and have taken their eye off the ball. Here we have evidence it was warmer in the  past – this time during the Bronze Age of Scandinavia, 1700-500BC ( bit out of the reach of the patrol guys, I suppose). This was the period of those stone ship burials – with evidence of widespread trade in boats with central Europe (and the outside world in general). There are literally thousands of rock carvings which depict boats of various kinds, including plank built canoes. They probably go way back before the Bronze Age. Numerous artifacts of bronze and gold from the period have been excavated – and axes and swords also occur regularly on rock faces. The Nordic Bronze Age is characterised by a warm climate that goes back at least as far as 2700BC. The climate resembled modern Germany or northern France and it allowed farming to prosper. Grapes were grown in Scandinavia at this time. However, the climate had spells of wetter and cooler weather, one of which occurred between 850 and 760BC – and a more general climate shift occurred at around 650BC.

So much for the warming – populations went up. However, the wetter and cooler climate between 600 and 300BC led to tribes moving southwards into continental Europe. It is therefore a possibility that Scandinavians also migrated into the British Isles prior to the Romans – as they added to the brew on the borders of the Classical world, the well spring of the Goths, if you like.



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