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Kappa Cassiopeiae

22 February 2014

Kappa Cassipeiae is a speeding star. It creates a bow wave in its wake as it crosses the sky of the universe. See http://phys.org/print312191608.html

   It is classified as a runaway star that is speeding away from neighbours.

Meanwhile, at http://phys.org/print312202953.html … the headline reads, could Jupiter become a star? This revolves around the similarity between Jupiter and the phenomenon of brown and red dwarves, believed to be failed stars – or stars that could flare up and become suns. NASAs Galileo spacecraft has been filming and making a study of Jupiter and its moons for some 8 years – but Galileo has come to the end of its life and scientists are thinking of crashing it into Jupiter as a final resting place. It seems that some people are worried the nuclear fuel in Galileo may spark and explosion that will trigger Jupiter into becoming a star. As unlikely as this seems it has generated this page and what is a study that claims no such thing will happen.


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