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It Ain’t the Sun wot warms the earth

28 February 2014
Climate change

I know the Royal Society is one of those organisations that is all about holding up the nose and feeling important but incredibly they are party to a paper that claims the Sun does not have the primary role in climate on Earth. Are they barmy or what? Are they so cocooned in their offices with all the simulated leather seats and central heating they can't see outside the window because the venetian blinds are closed – to keep out the sunlight, bejabbers. Don't want no Sun in here chaps, fix me another gin and tonic and keep the shades down. Get a load of this, as they say in some circles … http://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2014/02/28/royal-society-nas-suns-variati… … which just about sums up the Royal Society in the modern world – but have they ever been any different?

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