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Another Stonehenge theory …

7 March 2014

We have had the healing properties of the blue stones and now we have the rocks that ring like bells. Paul Devereux, in an article in Time and Mind, reports on research into the blue stones, at Presceli (where they are a natural rock feature) and at Stonehenge (where some of them have survived). This week the BBC had a television programme on the research – with various people tapping on rocks to get their point across. Hence, we have what is being called the 'sonic properties' of the blue stones. Could this be a reason why they were transported such a distance – they were used to make sounds like bells in a church tower.

See also http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/rock-the-bells–stonehenge-pieces-m… where they are said to have deep resonance, as in a gong, a tinny sound, rather like a toy metal drum, or they ring like a bell.

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