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A carbon 14 dilemma

31 March 2014

At www.bishop-hill.net/blog/2014/3/30/dating-error.html … Doug Keenan claims he has found a mathematical error in how C14 dating is calibrated. The gist of the error is a mathematical deviation – in the calibration technique (much as many people have expected).

Basically, one scientist has found an error in another scientist's work but the latter refuses to acknowledge such error – let alone accept it. He ignores the question, even when independently sounded out by the Imperial College, London, and the University of Waterloo. This point illustrates the problems in convincing mainstream of anything. They simply do not check out criticisms, assuming they are right and others must therefore be wrong. It is a common attitude among mainstream.

Oxcal is a statistical computer programme in the  field of C14 and Doug Keenan is apparently challenging the dates assigned to the Thera volcano.

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