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6 April 2014

At www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2014/04/new-bacteria-discovery-has-implica… … is all about bacteria from space and a possible future threat to life on earth.

At http://phys.org/print315745301.html … a new study of gamma ray light from the centre of our galaxy seems to indicate some of these emissions may derive from dark matter

At http://phys.org/print315732084.html … a could of astronomers are challenging the prevailing view of cosmology via cosmic background radiation. Two independent studies have been made – suggesting some modifications to Big Bang

Over at www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2014/03/31/magnetic-mystery-3/ … asks – what is lurking near the centre of our galaxy? This appears to be a story closely bound to the above and what is on offer at www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2014/04/mystery-signal-from-center-of-milk…

At http://phys.org/print315755257.html … gravity measurements confirm a sub surface ocea exists on Enceladus, sandwiched between its icy outer shell and a low density rocky core.

At http://phys.org/print315758009.html … the Hubble team discover a monster galaxy that is the most massive cluster yet seen to date while at www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2014/04/03/electrified-bee-seeks-flower-for-mut… … a fascinating story of an electric interplay between bees in search of pollen and the flowers that harbour it. Excellent.


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