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More on Mercury as a newer member of the solar system

7 April 2014

The original research has now reached the pages of New Scientist – go to www.newscientist.com/article/dn25372-volcanic-blasts-hint-that-mercury-i… … although they aren't calling it a loose canon, or an exo-planet  that has been captured by the solar system, astronomers are thinking in terms of Mercury migrating from elsewhere in the solar system – the how and why is not mentioned. Volcanic blasts have rocked Mercury over a long period of time which seems to contradict the consensus view on the formation of the solar system. This is because volcanic blasts occur on Earth when lava boils water and volatile compounds underground and they smash through the surface. Mercury is much closer to the Sun and the  theory dictates any volatiles should have been blasted away shortly after the solar system was formed. The theory, once again, does not fit what the spacecraft has seen – or the images it sent back to NASA.

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