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Electrictity and Flourescence and the Moon

27 April 2014

At http://malagabay.wordpress.com/2014/04/26/protecting-lunar-archaeology/ … Tim Cullen wonders what, if anything, NASA isn't saying about its LADDE mission – which was recently terminated by crashing it on the far side of the Moon. What is the reality of electricity and flourescence on the Moon?

The Moon may have at atmosphere consisting of small particles constantly leaping up and down from and falling back to the surface, excited by the solar wind, an atmosphere of dust particles in constant motion.

The Moon also has a sodium tail – very faint but hundreds of thousands of miles in length. It was discovered in 1998. The Moon is constantly reducing atomic sodium gas from its surface and solar radiation pressure accelerates the sodium atoms in the anti-sunwards direction; forming the elongated tail.

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