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Volcanoes and Ice Cores

27 April 2014

Mike Baillie has moved from an extraterrestrial event to a volcano in order to account for the AD540 low growth tree ring event – claiming it is a better fit with the data as it currently stands. The shift arises from his belief that there was a 7 year discrepancy between tree rings and ice cores – and he hopes to resolve this issue with the new paper – a fuller version of last year's AGM talk at Wigmore Church Hall in Luton. Go to http://cosmictusk.com/ where the full paper is available to download – or to read online.

At the same web site, at http://cosmictusk.com/half-a-loaf-b612-asteroid-data-from-nuclear-blasts… … what George Howards seems to have a beef about is that impact events in the past are still being under-estimated – which is probably a purposeful response (for whatever reason).

At https://b612foundation.org/list-of-impacts-from-impact-video/ … we have 26 meteors or asteroids entering the atmosphere and exploding without damage on the ground in a short period of time – which is a rise in numbers (from the previous calculation). The censors were designed to pick up nuclear explosions (testing) but they have proved invaluable in recording atmospheric explosions due to meteors. At https://b612foundation.org/ … we learn that these took place between 2000 and 2013 (see also the video).

At www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-27039285 …. we have the same story. It is however filled out with more detail. A NASA spokesman admits, 'asteroid/meteor impacts (in the atmosphere) are more common than we thought …'. A good report on the threat from space – sent in by

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