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Jesus and his wife

6 May 2014
Ancient history

It didn't take long and now we have some backtracking – go to www.livescience.com/34256-gospel-of-jesus-wife-may-be-fake.html … last week there was a post which included a piece on a papyrus fragment written in Coptic and containing a text which seemed to suggest Jesus had a wife – which stirred a few pots. Funny, most of those pots were secular – but there you are, a bit of sensationalism works wonders (even in those parts that are not tread with tender intent). This update claims it is not an authentic relic which contradicts the Harvard University people (and their press release). Authenticity here may have a political ring – don't rock the boat. Even if it is authentic the fact it dates between the 5th and 9th centuries AD makes the contents a matter of choice as far as acceptance of them is concerned.

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