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Clovis Man and Mammoth elephant

11 May 2014

At http://craterhunter.wordpress.com/2014/05/10/mapping-clovis-man-vs-mammo… … is a guest post by Steve Garcia who regularly comments at George Howard's web site, Cosmic Tusk. Garcia is very keen on the Younger Dryas Boundary Event and is keen to undermine one of its critics, Surovell. The latter has written or co-authored several major articles that attempted to debunk the YDB event (which Garcia considers as poor science). He therefore had a look at non-YDB articles that co-authored Surovell and found the one that he takes to pieces here. Basically, the theory is that Clovis Man was a mammoth hunter – and was in part responsible for their extinction. Most of the mammoths actually lived in Siberia – yet there is no trace of clovis points in that locale. In fact, mapping the distribution of clovis points reveals that Clovis Man was more common in SE N America – and less so in the west of N America (let alone NW). Conversely, mapping mammoth remains reveals they were almost absent from parts of SE N America (such as the Mississippi and Tennesee valleys). In other words, Clovis Man and mammoths don't actually match up.

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