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Chinese Global Warming

5 June 2014
Climate change

At http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/06/05/chinese-study-implies-that-the-mod… … is this another instance of Chinese science overtaking Western science. The latter has become bogged down in peer review and political shenanigans, contrary science suppressed and heretics ostracised. Are the Chinese making another Great Leap Forward and leaving the West floundering in their slipstream. In Science Chinese Press, a scientific journal of the Chinese Academy of Science, a recent study demonstrates (note the word demonstrate as opposed to theorise and model) the existence of significant resonance cyle and high correlates between solar activity and the Earth's averages surface temperature. Common sense prevails – in China. Anthony goes on to say the IPCC claim the release of anthropogenic greenhouse gases constitutes up to 90 per cent of the increase in global average temperature over the last 50 years. However, there is plenty of evidence to show current global warming is no worse, or even less, than it was in the Roman and the medieval periods – and even more so is we should go back to the Bronze Age. IPCC models underestimate natural solar cycles and overstate human effects on the atmosphere.

PS … chronology revisionists that claim an overlap between the Late Bronze and Iron ages have a problem when it comes to climate. In the Iron Age it was wetter and cooler between 800 and 400BC. In the Near East it tended to be on the dry side – in a series of blips rather than as a whole (somewhat like the Little Ice Age more recently). In the Bronze Age itself (also punctuated by blips in climate) it was on average much warmer than the Iron Age. Crop yields were good and human populations numbers blossomed and expanded. Of course, revisionists reposition slabs of history mostly by reinterpreting texts and personalities, using what we might term, paper models.

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