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Fire from the Sky

9 July 2014

Yes, it seems fire can rain out of the sky – that is what mythology appears to be saying – go to www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2014/07/02/burning-questions-2/ … another exciting post by Rens Van Der Sluijs. The universality of myths involving fire raining out of the sky is remarkable. Was it actual fire – or great heat as in blast (an exploding bolide). The Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, a variation on Isis and Hathor, specifically caused fire to fall out of the sky – somewhat like the Indian goddess Kali. The deprecations of Sekhmet seem to occur on the last memorable occasion in the time of Ramses III – and the sea peoples fled towards Egyptian territory (in the Levant as well as the delta) as a result of 'the flame of Sekhmet' – which is otherwise described as the star of Anath (which destroyed the Libyans).

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