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a cold spot in the universe

21 September 2014

At http://phys.org/print330336215.html … we have some nice images of a pock marked surface of Mars provided by ESAs spacecraft the Mars Express. These have of course been dated very long ago.

The bigger feature is interesting as on the floor there are rocky ridges (yardangs) and flat topped mesa like structures, buttes and hills. It appears as if the ground has collapsed, leaving sections still intact (hence the mesa like formations).

At http://phys.org/print330335700.html …. the cosmic microwave background is thought to be the thermal afterglow of the primordial Big Bang – the pristine origin of our universe (the point of creation if you like). However, we are told there is an anomaly – a cold spot.

Of course, such an oddity attracts odd explanations. A void in the universe has been suggested. Another serious idea put forward is that gravitational influences from a parallel universe are involved. Other astronomers pretend it doesn't exist, shrug their shoulders and say it is unusual – so what. Others take the tack it isn't unusual – and promptly ignore its presence. However, the cold spot must be telling us something – but what?


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