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Cracks in the Earth’s Surface

7 October 2014

At http://terracycles.com/joomla/sections/5-earth/36-expandingearthjune2012 … in Ethiopian a large crack opened up in the crust of the Earth in just a few days in 2005. At the time geologists became very excited as it was thought this was an embryo rift valley that would end up splitting Africa asunder and give birth to a new sea. That was of course as a result of consensus Plate Tectonics – the mainstream theory on how oceans form from rifts and faults, expanding into mid ocean ridges etc.

Another crack opened up in Peru recently and in Iceland a crack swallowed a lake – disappearing it. Cracks appear to be a feature on the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. In planetary expansion models all such cracks are part of a general expansion of not just the solar system but the galaxy – and the universe (or that is one version of the expansion theories).

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