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27 November 2014
Climate change

Polar Bears have been out of it recently – or mostly so. They are in fact thriving. However, environmentalists have found something else to latch on – something with a sting. Bees. At http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/11/26/claim-a-warming-world-may-spell-ba… … is one of those stories you can't really say anything about – without being rude. Bees are in the news, it seems, and threaten our food supplies. I seem to have seen a lot of bees in the garden and elsewhere during 2014 – but there was a shortage of wasps. Very noticeable in August. Wasps cannot be CAGW friendly as they aren't mentioned in the doomsayings. They do however provide a specific role in nature but that doesn't stop people vandalising their nests.

Over at http://phys.org/print336154288.html … we learn that Canada's Ontario politicos, lobbied by the Green Blob, intend to restrict the use of certain pesticides that environmentalists blame for the death of bees.

While at http://phys.org/print336106720.html …. researchers have found that bee populations in Oregon have declined due to a loss of biodiversity, the disappearance of their favourite pollinating plants. The paper was published by PNAS (November 2014) which came to the conclusion the decline of favoured host plants was the main factor associated with bee decline. These are mainly plants of natural grassland, as far as Oregon is concerned, so that conclusion may not stand up elsewhere. However, as with all science papers nowadays they give a passing nod to CAGW hype by adding 'colony collapse disorder' also threatens bee colonies – which is linked to pesticides and pollution. Here we see that politicos will duly ban a few more pesticides and hope it all goes away. A month or so ago there was another paper that claimed colony collapse disorder was due to beekeepers fondness of giving their bees corn syrup – and thereby taking a bigger quantity of the honey bounty. The jury is out – but the bureaucrats and politicos will go ahead regardless.

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