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Light without the Sun

12 December 2014

At www.GenesisFile.com … there is, according to a recently received email suggesting we might take a look at the site, there is a presentation of a new book that seeks to rubbish the idea of evolution. The author claims to have debunked radiometric dating, for example, but then we have various claims that appear to be years out of date as far as catastrophists might be concerned – such as asking where are evolution's missing fossils. He is also at pains to demonstrate, it seems, there was one major catastrophe, the Flood, and that was it. However, he then provides a lie to the idea that it all began with Genesis, as the title of the book is 'Three Days before the Sun', a reference it seems to Let there be Light three days before the Sun was created (or became clearly visible). It suggests that Genesis is really a post catastrophe scenario and the atmosphere was choked with dust and debris, obscuring the Sun. Light was visible in the background but after 3 days the Sun was seen once again.

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